NICVT Successful Projects

Madhya Pradesh Rajya Ajeevika Forum (MPRAF)

 The MPRAF society for the purpose of implementing NRLM has decided to establish organizational setups at four levels namely State, District, Block and PFTs. In the first year (2012-13), the following number of units will be established : - (a.) State Project Support Unit (SPSU-1), b. District Project Support Units (DPSU-25), c. Block Project Support Units (BPSU-46, to be established if required)-One (1) Block Coordinator in each of the 10 Resource Blocks will be appointed/nominated to coordinate with the resource agency and d. Project Facilitation Teams- 378 (PFTs-164(NRLP)+160(MPDPIP)+54 (MPRLP-Non Intensive Area); each operating in a cluster of about 35-40 villages, covering 12894 villages (Villages-6207 (NRLP)+4888(MPDPIP)+ 1799 (MPRLP-Non Intensive Area)). Therefore, there will be 99 blocks (one third of blocks in the state) in 25 (half of the state) districts which will be intensive during the first year and 17 blocks under non-intensive appro

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